LE11 Odroid C2 - librespot coredump

  • Hi,

    I'm migrating from LE9 to LE11 on my odroid C2, and i'm unable to get service.librespot working.

    When service is enabled (here i just enabled plugin few seconds), librespot start crashing a lot of data in ~/.cache/cores

    debug log: https://paste.libreelec.tv/smooth-gull.log

    Is this a known issue ? Any idea what could be the root cause ?


  • update: It's booting, and librespot seems to be working well with LE12.

    I had to unplug my usb dac to be able to boot, maybe a power issue.. ?

    With dac plug + soft reboot, it's working, but it still does not work when power is unplugged/plugged

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  • I'd be surprised if it was a power issue as USB DACs don't normally draw much current and it worked on older LE releases. If you see the LE splash on-screen with cold boot the issue is something in the kernel (as we booted that far). If you're not seeing the LE splash on screen during cold boot (or nothing on screen, HDMI should work) the problem involves u-boot and that's going to need UART output to see what's happening.

    For the sake of asking, what DAC are you using?