/dev/sda: unrecognised disk label

  • My first time with LibreElec, trying to put in on an old Dell Precision T3500. I put in a 1Tb Video HDD that i pulled out of a DVR a while back. I used the Microsoft installation manager to reformat the drive. I tried both the generic and genaric legacy, each with the same results. Each time i try to install via the usb stick, it seems to succesfully wipe the HDD but then it cant reccognize the disk label. Any ideas? Log attached.

  • Was the drive formatted (anything would be good) before trying to install?

    Perhaps try booting from an Ubuntu USB and use 'dd' to directly write the LE image to the 1TB drive, then interrupt boot and type "run" to run from USB (or in your case HDD) instead of starting the installer.