Change video settings at startup depending on connected output device?

  • Hi, I have a HTPC (Asrock Q1900-ITX mainbord) with LE 7, connected via HDMI to my TV. Everything works fine, but now I want to connect an old video projector via VGA cable too.

    I tried to find a video setting that provides the correct signals via HDMI and VGA at the same time, but both devices require different video resolutions (TV: 1920x1080, projector: 1024x768). That wouldn’t be a problem, because I don’t want to use both devices at the same time, but depending on the output device I want to use, I always have to change the video settings. And with the correct settings for one device, I don’t see anything usable on the other device (makes it difficult to change the settings). Additionally, after changing the settings I have to reboot to get the correct display.

    Is it somehow possible (via addon, script,...), to automatically change the video settings at boot up, depending on the available video device? The system seems to recognize the available device(s) at startup, because HDMI is only available in setup if the TV was switched on at startup, and VGA only if the projector was switched on.