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    Because it still stutters with LE 9.0.2 I did some more tests:

    1) I wrote the LE 9.0.2 image (Generic x86) to a USB stick and booted from it, entering "live" at the boot prompt. I did not change any settings, except the display frame rate (changed to 50 Hz). So I had a clean system where no addons or wrong settings could cause any problems. I started playback of the 25fps and 50fps test videos (mentioned earlier in this thread) and both stuttered.

    2) I did the same as before but with the LE 8.2.5 image. Result: No stuttering.

    3) I created a Linux live USB stick (openSUSE Leap 15.0 KDE), installed Kodi (18.2), started Kodi (in fullscreen mode), changed the display frame rate to 50 Hz and started playback of the two test videos. Result: No stuttering!

    So, because there is no stuttering with Kodi 18.2 and openSUSE, it looks like the problem is somewhere in LibreELEC.


    I have 25Hz in the list of entries to choose from. I think it depends on the hardware (display) which modes are available for the whitelist. Maybe your TV doesn't support 25Hz and 30Hz.


    I have the stuttering with h264 and h265 videos. I have not yet tried mpeg2 videos. But I don't have any problems with live TV (via tvheadend), and as HD channels are h264 encoded, I don't think it is related to the video codec.

    I few days ago I filmed my TV (with a 50fps video camera) to show how the stuttering looks like. See here.

    When looking at the filmed video frame by frame I could see why it stutters. If a 25fps video is played with a 50Hz display rate, the frames of the video should by shown like this:

    1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8

    But instead they are shown like this:

    1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 7 8 8 8

    And when playing a 50fps video (with 50Hz display rate) the frames of the video are played like this:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 19 21 22 23 24 25...

    So, first everything is OK, but then one frame (number 8/18/...) is shown twice and then one frame (number 10/20/...) is skipped. This looks like a problem with the video-audio synchronization.

    Does anybody have an idea what could cause this problems and how to fix it? I'm still using LE 9 to be able to do some tests if necessary, but this stuttering makes it nearly unusable.


    - "sync playback to display" is disabled

    - "adjust display refreshrate" is set on "start/stop"

    - matching whitelist option is set to 1920*1080: 50, 24, 23.976

    - generally setting is 1920*[email protected]

    If I add 25Hz to the whitelist, it is used for 25fps videos (instead of 50Hz), but that does not remove the stutter completely. It looks good at first, but still stutters from time to time. Like with 50fps videos and 50Hz display, as I wrote. (And if I add 25Hz to the whitelist, each time I switch channels in live TV, the display switches from 50Hz to 25Hz and back to 50Hz.)


    The stutter with hardware decoding disabled is not due to slow cpu performance. Total cpu usage is below 30% all the time when playing the test videos with hardware decoding disabled.

    I tried to show this problem to a friend yesterday, using some test videos (see link in post of CvH here). We even tried a fresh installation of LibreELEC 9, without any addons and with only necessary setup changes.

    We found out that the problem is even worse!

    It does not only stutter when playing 25fps videos with hardware decoding enabled, it also stutters with hardware decoding disabled or with 50fps videos!

    The only difference: With a 25fps video and hardware decoding enabled, it starts to stutter after 1-2 seconds and keeps stuttering until playback is stopped or an overlay is activated. So you can easily see it. With a 50fps video or with hardware decoding disabled, everything looks fine at first. But if you wait long enough, it starts to stutter for a few seconds from time to time. It does not stutter immediately and not all the time. When not using a special test video but a normal video, you may not always notice this.

    To me the stutter looks like there is something wrong with the frame buffer switching. Like, if decoding the next frame was very "fast", switching the frame buffers (to display the next frame) is done at a wrong moment in time. That would explain the difference between hardware decoding enabled or disabled. With hardware decoding enabled the decoding is always "fast"(?) and the buffer switching is done wrong. With hardware decoding disabled the decoding is sometimes "fast" and sometimes "slow", depending on the video and the speed of the CPU, so it sometimes stutters.

    I do have the same problem. (See LibreELEC 9.0 - Video-Wiedergabe ruckelt zum Teil - LibreELEC - - Deutschsprachiges Forum zum Kodi Entertainment Center )

    Log file:

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    Hi, I have a HTPC (Asrock Q1900-ITX mainbord) with LE 7, connected via HDMI to my TV. Everything works fine, but now I want to connect an old video projector via VGA cable too.

    I tried to find a video setting that provides the correct signals via HDMI and VGA at the same time, but both devices require different video resolutions (TV: 1920x1080, projector: 1024x768). That wouldn’t be a problem, because I don’t want to use both devices at the same time, but depending on the output device I want to use, I always have to change the video settings. And with the correct settings for one device, I don’t see anything usable on the other device (makes it difficult to change the settings). Additionally, after changing the settings I have to reboot to get the correct display.

    Is it somehow possible (via addon, script,...), to automatically change the video settings at boot up, depending on the available video device? The system seems to recognize the available device(s) at startup, because HDMI is only available in setup if the TV was switched on at startup, and VGA only if the projector was switched on.


    a few days ago I updated my media pc (Asrock Q1900-ITX mainbord with Intel J1900 CPU, 2x2GB RAM and a 30GB SSD) from OE 6.0.3 to LE 7.0.0. After that I had huge problems with system freezes every 10-30 minutes (more or less). No matter what I did, the system simply stopped working. No reaction to keybord or mouse and the network was dead. On the TV screen was a still picture, as if you had pressed "pause". All I could do in this situation was a hard power-off by holding the power button for a few seconds until power was off.

    There was nothing in the logs related to this problem. The whole system (not just Kodi) stopped working, so nothing could be written to the logs!?

    To make sure it's not a hardware/memory problem, I run a memory test (memtest) for several hours, but everything was ok.

    As the next step I did a clean install of LE 7.0.0 from scratch, to ensure it's not a problem with the update. I only did the absolut required minimum of configuration and installed only the absolut required addons (tvheadend PVR client, Emby for Kodi and Advanced WOL - I have a separat media server that provides movies etc. via emby and live tv via tvheadend.). -> The same problems.

    As my family became angry, I finally reinstalled OE 6.0.3 and the problems are gone. No freezes anymore.

    Any ideas why LE 7.0.0. doesn't work on my hardware?