A S805 box has no video out

  • I have a s805 box . After making a bootable sd card with the img file "LibreELEC-HD18Q.arm-" , i connect a wireless keyboard to the usb port of the box and power on it , the colorful "libreelec " logo comes to the Lcd Display device . About 30s later, the logo disappears and no more blue kodi screen comes , the lcd display device then turns to black . When i press the Enter/ESC key , i can hear the sound from the box just like what i do in a intel x86 platform libreelec . Something wrong with the LibreELEC-HD18Q.arm- ? What can i do to solve the problem ?

  • More detail

    After changing from the first device (An old lcd TV) to another device ( lcd display with a vga port an vga-->hdmi cable ), I can see the KODI screen and everything is OK .

    But I can run a raspberry pi libreelec with the first device . Some HDMI args should be changed ?

  • There seems to be a problem with the HDMI cable or HDMI connector on your S805 device.

    You need to log in via SSH and run this:

    wget https://libreelec.dtech.hu/misc/disp_cap_static/disp_cap -O /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

    ... then reboot.