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    Under Meson8, handling UHD resolution is not really properly resolved. I'll be honest, I didn’t really struggle with 4K either.

    Since HDR10 is not supported by the SoC, I didn't see the excessive sense of dealing with it.

    Unfortunately, I can't suggest anything for WiFi instability.

    However, it is worth noting that the M8S+ and 3rdParty images use different broadcom drivers.

    Question: Would you be so kind to make a version for the Amlogic 905D with 1G ram / 8Gb eMMC too?

    I didn't really plan to create more images on the 905x device branch.

    The biggest problem is that Mecool's "M8S-Plus DVB" device has a WiFi chip (SCI 9082C) that was never released a driver by its manufacturer, so support for this chip is not resolved from the open souce side. :(

    The other thing is the tuner, in which I’m also not sure it works perfectly.

    However, you can try my image for KI-Pro from an SD card by replacing the dtb with this:


    a. when play a video, auto rate change work, but not resolution switch automatic

    b. wifi connection unstable (ap6335)

    a. What is the resolution and cadence of the video you are trying to play and what is the currently set resolution and frequency of the device?

    Note that Kodi does not change the resolution downwards, so it will play 720p video at 1080p if the currently set resolution is 1920x1080.

    However, playback will be cadence correct, so the frequency will be the same.

    b. Can I request a dmesg?

    After 100 times test. It has most function work. But I can't switch resolution, no matter I change to 720p/1080p, TV still shows input source [email protected]

    Do you have any idea? Thank you

    Try to add manually supported resolutions:

    I see two mistakes on your photos:

    • The 3.3V pin of the device is never connected, especially not for the 5V pin on the TTL adapter side.
      This pin is only used to power the TTL adapter, but it is actually already gets it from the USB port.
      However, it can be dangerous for the device if 5V is applied to pin 3.3V of the UART.
      (See illustration in post #6 -> the 3.3V pin is not connected.)
      Solution: Please desolder the red wire from the KII Pro.
    • The Windows driver installed for the device is not compatible. (See the yellow triangle.)
      There are a lot of fake Prolific TTL adapter ICs that are not supported by the official driver.
      Solution: You must install the driver recommended by your seller, or if it does not exist, you must request one.

    But, if the IC is a real one, the exact type is also important. Please download the PL2303 CheckChipVersion tool and check your chip ID.

    For example, mine is:

    In order to make the mxq's remote work, I had to "install" some configuration (?) file for it. I can't remember its name or where I found it. Do I have to do it again after the upgrade?

    The update does not affect the user files, all your own changes remain untouched, only the kernel and the system file (squashfs) have been replaced.

    OK, mkbootimg_tools can make it work.

    Okay, I hope it really works. I almost reacted to your previous answer, but in the meantime you modified it. :)

    I looked at the pictures taken from the PCB:

    [v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update! | Page 31 | XDA Forums

    This version has 4 x 256MB of memory, which is relatively rare solution. (The 2 x 512MB solution is the most common.)

    Most likely this is why most bootloaders are not good for this specific model.

    We should look for stock ROMs that have the same 4 x 256MB layout.

    The functionality of the MAX232 IC can be tested by connecting the RX and TX pins together and typing a character into the terminal.

    If the typed character does not appear or only noise is displayed, then the reasons may be as follows:

    • the power line is broken: Vcc is missing or GND is floating (broken wire),
    • the voltage is unstable or lower than +5V,
    • the Maxim IC is faulty.

    If the MAX232 receives Vcc voltage (+5V) and the GND pins are also connected between the power source (such as USB port) and the other devices (RS232 pin 5 and the GND on the UART port of the box), the converter power should be OK.

    If the bootloader has been overwritten (or just erased its area), I have a strong suspicion that we will not get anything through UART.

    But I have never met one like this before, so I don't know for sure. I think chewitt has more experience with this.

    At what percentage does the USB Burning Tool stop?

    Still hoping to see the WeTek core get 9.2 or 10 one day...

    Actually, I also created an image for WeTek Core on request, but the user for whom it was made has not logged in to the forum since April.

    So you would do me a favor if you could test it, because this is the only image I didn’t get feedback on whether it works okay or not.

    LibreELEC v9.2.8 image for WeTek Core:

    Index of /3rdParty/Semi-official/WeTek_Core/

    LibreELEC v9.2.8 has been released for some Amlogic S805/S8X2/S905 devices and WeTek Play.


    • glibc: Apply an updated widevine fix for v4.10.2252.0 or newer version,
    • cputemp: Fix millidegree issue, if the kernel return value is specified in it,
    • projects/WeTek_Play: Add support WP1 and re-enable CPU temperature sensor in the kernel,
    • projects/S8X2: Add an option to override power off in Kodi (workaround for the uboot power bug).

    For more information and for download links, please check the first post in this topic: #1

    i understood nothing


    I think your description has become a little too detailed. :)


    Could you clean the top of the memory chip with something? (Like isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner.)

    And then you should take a good quality macro photo of the caption on it.

    This is the memory chip on your PCB:

    (For better readability, use the flash, but do not place the camera perpendicular to the PCB.)

    yes I do a release, soonish

    basically just waiting a bit if some additional changes are needed

    Another two weeks passed... Will version 9.2.8 ever be released at all?

    It looks like a stable version of LE 10 will be released sooner than a bug-fixed version of LE 9.2.

    I understand that the old version no longer gets priority, but there is still a buggy v9.2.7.

    It has been released for a month and a half, and I don't understand the reason for this long wait when the fix is already available.