video playback super fast for 2 secs then fails

  • Hi,

    Using version 9.2.8 of libreelec with tvheadend 4.2 on a rpi3b.

    When i attempt playback of a channel about 50% of the time, it starts the video, whizzes through output for about 2 or 3 seconds and then fails (as if its on a super fastforward). If i check the video using something like vlc on another device it plays perfectly. So I deduce that the recording has been performed successfully but kodi is having some issue playing back. On other occasions it seems to playback perfectly. The event here relates to an HD channel - i've not really used it for SD ever so dont know if that is affected or not.

    I've extracted details of one such event from the log available here

    Only thing unusual about this installation is my /storage/recordings is an NFS3 mountpoint to a SAN (which I believe from its other uses is quick enough). the pi3 is networked with ethernet to the san through a small gigabit switch so connection is quick.

    I'm pretty new to libreelec / kodi / tvheadend, know very little about video / dvb, but have many years as a unix sysadmin. Would love information on how i can resolve this.

    many thanks in advance

  • It's not a Kodi debug log so it's missing info on codecs and format, and by snipping out the bits you thought were relevant you've removed all the useful environment info that we'd like to see.

    I'd suggest testing an LE12 nightly as LE9.2 is no longer maintained. Even if we confirm a problem, it's not going to be fixed.