inputstream.adaptive 21.4.0-Omega ?

  • I applied the LibreELEC-RPi4.aarch64-12.0-nightly-20231124-52b450b to update my RPI4 test system after noting the following in the changelog for 22/11 :

    2023-11-22 (122ab47): #8352 inputstream.adaptive: update 21.3.1-Omega to 21.4.0-Omega

    However, the system still shows 21.3.1-Omega as being installed, with no option for 21.4.0 when I do a version check in the addon config page?

  • Thanks chewitt, it became available as an addon update after applying LibreELEC-RPi4.aarch64-12.0-nightly-20231125.

    I was hoping it would solve an issue with iPlayerWWW addon live streams stalling, in all updates since aarch64-12.0-nightly-20230829

    It didn't but that's another issue and I've marked this thread as resolved.