LibreELEC 11.0.3 kodi.bin gets OOM killed

  • Vanilla installation more or less, no addons (well, weather I think only).

    Version: 11.0.3 x86_64 Generic

    Hardware: Beelink EQ12 Pro with Intel N305 (some UHD graphics), 16GB RAM, using USB CEC adapter to control it from TV using remote

    Not sure if debuglog is needed, plz lemme know if it is.

    kodi.bin gets OOM killed from time to time, currently after restart it consumes 2.6GB which is pretty rough I think.

  • I am now for last 2 months on LE 12 nightly, seems a bit better, but still kodi.bin grows to few gigabytes from time to time.

    Another (new?) problem is that it sometimes hits 100% cpu and stays there until restarted which makes HTPC CPU fan go nuts...