Kodi doesn't use hardware decoding VDPAU on my Zorin OS with my old 8600 GS

  • Hi,

    I can't use VDPAU to decode my video with Kodi on my Zorin OS and my old 8600 GS card (nouveau driver).

    Hardware decoding options are listed and enabled in Kodi but it still uses the CPU to decode my Mpeg4 videos.

    vainfo says VAProfileNone.

    Do you have any idea? This is the link to my post on the Zorin forum (with screenshots and more details).

    Thanks Smile

  • You're welcome to try the LE "Generic Legacy" which still includes some older nVidia drivers; although an 8600 card from 2007 will be pushing the boundaries of what might be supported now. I've never even heard of Zorin OS, so problems it has with nouveau are definitely someone else's problem to investigate /shrug

  • Hi chewitt,

    Thank you, I already use LE "Generic Legacy" on other PCs which also have old Nvidia graphics cards and functional hardware decoding ;), that's why I thought of asking the question on this forum : ) .

    I don't want to upgrade to LE on this PC, I would like to keep Zorin OS ;)