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  • [SOLVED] UHD / 4K support from NUC using Mini Display Port (mini DP)

    Over a year later, trying again to fix this problem again I stumbled across this post--> [NUC5i5MYHE don't recognize automatically my LG ... |Intel Communities] and the user "Whamsday" was correct. Full credit to them.

    In summary, the NUC must have "legacy boot support" disabled.

    This required a reinstall because my extant SSD was not seen by the UEFI boot.

    1. Disable legacy boot support, confirm UEFI boot support is enabled
    2. Reinstall from libreelec USB stick
    3. boot, using DP, 4K resolutions are now available (23.98/24/25/29.x/30),
    4. finally, yay (without having to boot with one DP to HDMI dongle (belkin from the apple store FYI), then hotswap to another which oddly seemed to enable 4k, but not on a cold boot)!
    5. Now my photos on slideshow look awesome in 4K 8)

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