Installing to a 2ed USB drive

  • I created the install media using the USB-SD creator tool.
    managed to boot from the USB drive and installed into a 2ed USB flash drive.
    Then removed the install media and re-booted from the newly created USB drive.
    Received a message "/KERNEL missing"
    what is wrong ?

  • The question is why didn't the installer write the kernel file on the target flash drive. it is psychically not there. tried this many times before and never had such an issue.

  • I don't know what happen but you can avoid creating second USB stick.
    After first one is created with Creator tool open file syslinux.cfg. There is a line

    DEFAULT installer

    change that to

    DEFAULT run

    Also change file in EFI folder. After you will boot from this stick it will be just like installed (and you would avoid one step).


  • Cool. Thanks. I will give it a try shortly. (Btw, there is no label "run" but rather it is "live" in the syslinux.cfg file)

    One other related question.
    I have a PC with ASUS MB where I can't boot from USB flash drive. I think it is a UEFI secure boot issue.
    If I disable secure boot in BIOS will it affect the ability to boot windows ?

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  • If there is no LABEL run then this will not work for you - it was added not long time back.

    No idea for your second question - don't have any UEFI capable system.


  • No label "run". only "installer" and "live".
    If I change to "live" it will reboot every time as a new install. will not remember anything.