LibreELEC randomly wakes up my TV

  • My TV is being woken up by LibreELEC at random times. It seems it uses CEC to turn on the TV, but it's never obvious what triggers that. The only way I've found to keep it form waking up my TV during the night is to unplug the HDMI cable from the RPI. I don't want to disable the "wake TV" functionality completely, as I want it to be able to turn on the TV when casting a youtube video to Kodi.

    I've tried looking at the logs when the TV turns on and at the time of a random wakeup I only see information about the CEC Adapter being enabled, which I think is the consequence of the TV having been turned on. What else could be causing that and how can I debug this?

  • I have a similar issue.


    * Rpi4 connected directly to the receiver (via HDMI)

    * Receiver: Yamaha RX-V675 connected to TV (via HDMI)

    * TV: Sony KD55XH9005 (ARC HDMI port)

    * CEC is enabled on all devices.

    * LE version 11.1, controlled through Yatse (Android)

    This setup has been working great until somewhere during the LE v10.x release. CEC started to behave erratically: randomly turning on the TV and receiver at night.

    This issue was fixed with one of the last LE v10.x versions and appears to be ok with version 11.0.

    With v11.1 the same issues did come up again (occasionally turned on the TV+Receiver overnight), but a few times a week, the RPI just keeps on turning on the connected CEC devices. I have to shut down the Pi to be able to turn off the receiver and tv. Other CEC functionality seems to be ok. I have checked and rechecked the CEC settings, no strange settings were found.

    I will enable debug logging and hope i will be able to record the issue.

  • I've just reverted to my RPI3 setup from RPi4 and I was going to ask a similar question abut the RPi3. In my case I think its the RPi3 rebooting because I loose all the positioning information about where I am in the box sets. Not the position that's stored in the database but things like NCIS - Season 4 - Episode 11. If you're getting the same I don't think it will be the CEC settings. My main suspect, living in the Scottish Highlands, is power fluctuations. But its highly intermittent (sometimes once a week, someth=imes once a month or longer) and, obviously, only when the TV is turned off but Kodi on.

  • In a different thread somewhere on these forums I was told my problem is likely a bug in the version of LE 9 I was running. I'm now running version 12 on a Dell Optiplex and (so far) its fine.

    What is your setup?