Is there a quick way to get the storage location?

  • Does anyone have a solution to access the media storage location when viewing the info of an item?

    I'm using Radarr and Sonarr extended versions that automatically dl's extras like trailers etc. It puts it in the folder that the media is located in.

    Out off the box, Kodi doesn't make it simple to access the sources list aside from backing all the way out of where you were. I have the extras add-on but that specifically looks for an "Extras" folder. Which in this case does not exist. There also no way to configure Sonarr\Radarr to store all the extras in an "Extras" folder.

    It would be awesome if there was a fast way of going from the info page directly to the storage location.

    Any suggestions?

    PS I went to post this in the Kodi forums discovered that they were hacked and pulled the forums down until they figure out the what and how.

  • chewitt Hey there!

    I posted this a while ago, and so far, no love ;(

    I just looked into how to write an addon for Kodi that would add this button to the button row on the object information page. But that is way above my pay grade at the moment. I couldn't figure out which window in Kodi it needed to reference. Then what is that button row called? Is it even possible to add things to that? A lot of questions.

    I then started looking at the Extras add-on and found that you could change the folder that it looks for. I edited the XML file for the settings and just took that value out. I haven't gotten to test it yet, but I suspect that it is going to fail.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this little problem? It's a pain in the derrière to have to back out and then find this entry in the files view each time.

  • I have never seen anyone using Radarr/Sonarr outside of a Torrenting setup; which means piracy; which means I didn't read the original post beyond those words. And just because I have a high post count doesn't mean you can assume personal support.