System file permissions

  • Since the much-anticipated release of LEv11, I've finally got all my systems running on the same versions again.! Yaay. Thanks to all for your hard work in bringing this together.

    But, In getting all the heads in sync, I noticed I was running into some errors in the logs.

    One that popped up was the Textures13.db file had a read-only file permission set. I corrected that, but I was wondering if there could be other things going on where file permissions are out of whack from where they should be.

    I searched online a bit but didn't find anything regarding the LE filesystem specifically, mostly all shared media directories.

    Is there any script or tool that could go through the LE system (either on demand or voluntary at startup) that could check the systems file permissions and correct them to what they should be?

  • All files under /storage/.kodi should be owned by root and except for specific files under /storage/.kodi/addons nothing should be executable; so a simple find/exec command setting 644 permissions but excluding the addons path should work. As a general rule permissions are not something that should end up being changed though, so I wouldn't waste time creating script tools. And that's probably why I've never seen them being created.