invalid wifi key

  • hahaha. open source geeks unite. dr frankenstein show us your monster. masta here they come. I see them. let them come

    Come on, get a life.

    Yes, there is an Error in LibreELEC 11 and the WiFi isn't working.

    But what will you do ?

    Arguing, crying and insulting People over and over like a little Child ?

    Do you really think that this will help and you will get a working Version ?

    Always remember:

    They are MANY and you are ONE, and if you didn't behave they will kick you off the Board and it will quiet here again !

    (I'm still astonished that they be this patient and keep you here for so long and that they reopen this Thread)

    And what will happen if you get banned from this Forum ?

    You will still have a LibreELEC 11 with a none working WiFi !

    So please shut up, wait for a working Version, and if you really need WiFii install an old Version (or search for some other Software) and be happy !