Latest LE 11 Generic Nightly - Atmos issues

  • I wish there was an Generic x64 sub-forum here. Anyway…

    I’ve been using nightly LE 11 builds on my Intel NUC8 i3 for some time with no real issues. Yesterday I upgraded from Dec 29 build to Jan 19 and Atmos audio is skipping (missing audio for a second or so) quite often. I switched back to Dec 29 build and now that is skipping on Atmos too! I now cannot watch/listen to any Atmos movie, music…

    Was there a firmware update in Jan 23 builds? Why has the Jan 23 Atmos issue not be resolved when I go back to Dec 29 build? I have not had any audio issues in LE 11 builds since early smp HDR builds over 12 months ago and none in LE 11 nightlies until the latest build.

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  • Thanks. I have two NUC8 i3BEK (two rooms with LE/Kodi). I moved 2nd NUC with Dec 29 build to the system that had problems and Atmos plays without an issue.

    I’ll try the NUC that had problems (with reverted build) again and test. Maybe the AVR and 4K TV being switched off has reset something external to the NUC?