FFMpeg Tools: x-disconuity ?

  • I run Libreelec (latest nightlies) on a RPi4 with TvH set up for all Australian freeview TV streams.

    I ditched hardware tuners a few years ago and it has been working extremely well.

    I recently started to get continuity errors in SBS Australia live streams due to the way they now insert ads.

    Nightly news are now unwatchable due to loss of sync video/audio following an ad break.

    I have tried switching back from mkv output to raw ts with no success.

    I get the same issue on a RPI2 running TvH server only.

    I have also verified the disconnects within the recordings using VLC

    I have looked for the x-disconuity option in the ffmpeg options included with FFMpeg Tools but it doesn't seem to be available.

    Is there currently any way to achieve this?