LE11-Generic.x86_64-11.0-Nightly - No Audio DTS-HD High Resolution (DTS-HD HR)

    • For anyone who also have a Beebox-S 7100U with sound problems with LibreELEC 11, I recommend using an active Displayport to HDMI adapter.

      Such as BENFEI Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter 4K@60Hz, DP to HDMI Adapter, support Eyefinity technology for multi-screen.

      Link to BENFEI Aktiv DisplayPort auf HDMI Adapter 4K@60Hz

      The Beebox-S 7100U does have 2x HDMI ports. These HDMI ports always cause audio dropouts when using LibreElec 11. I also never had audio with DTS-HD High Res. I did not find a solution for the HDMI ports.

      So I started tests with the display port. I tried several Displayport-HDMI adapters. Unfortunately also always only problems. Until I found the BENFEI Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. Since I use this adapter, I currently have no more audio problems.