Hardware Recommendation for Offline/Vehicle/Kids

  • I'm looking for a hardware recommendation with these, apparently unusual requirements:

    Offline (no internet access when playing in the vehicle, but can load metadata ahead of time in the house)

    Wireless Remote

    Low Power if possible

    Ideally this box would be solid/reliable, with a simple remote. It'll be playing on a small, probably 800p screen in a van (no need for 4k support/etc). The van has HDMI input and DC power. There's an AC port as well, but I'd prefer not to use it if possible.

    RPI4 2GB seems to be the leading suggestion, but I haven't found any stock, and I worry about the reliability of remotes, and simplicity.

    Vero 4k seems like it may work, but I'm concerned about power requirements.

    Fire TV/Stick don't seem to support local/offline storage, unless I'm missing something.

    Since I don't need as high performance (1080p SDR should be sufficient), is there a recommended solution that will be low power, reliable, with offline storage?

  • Sounds like a great plan. We'll see if the usb ports in the vehicle can power it. The manual says a standard 2.4A usb port will suffice.

    Thank you for the recommendation!