LE11-Generic.x86_64-11.0-Nightlys on Beebox U7100 with HD audio dropouts/glitches

  • Hello,

    I have installed LE11 Generic.x86_64-11.0-nightly-20230104-21c204a on my Beebox U7100 with 8GB RAM, 500 GB SSD, the installation process went smooth.

    But I am having issues with the HD audios when playing a video. I have my TV connect it to Yamaha receiver HDMI (eARC) output and my Beebox to Yamaha receiver HDMI input.

    I have passthrough enable on kodi. When I play a video are every few second audio dropous/glitches. Is there anyway to fix this with nightlys?

    I have a Vero 4K+ with OMSC connected on the other Yamaha HDMI input port and both Kodi audio passthrough work great without dropouts/glitches.

    What is needed for troubleshooting, log files?

  • I hope I am not mistaken.

    But with "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-11.0-nightly-20230109-c0b809e.img.gz (sha256)" the audio dropouts have disappeared.

    I hope it stays like this.


  • I rejoiced too soon.

    There are no audio dropouts only with Dolby Digital audio format.

    With all HD audio formats, audio dropouts continue.

    Depending on the audio settings "Keep audio device alive", when set to "off" constantly, every few seconds.

    AVR also shows "Decoder off" and speaker icons disappear for 1 second.

    When set to "Always", the AVR does not show any error indication in the display, but it takes the longest time to hear audio dropouts.

    When set to "1 minute", the AVR does not show any errors in the display either, but audio dropouts can be heard after about 1 minute.

    If I switch the "Send low volume noise" setting to "Off", then DTS-HDMA is played back as PCM 2 channel by the AVR, Dolby TrueHD is detected as analog by the AVR and no audio is heard.

    Only after a reboot DTS-HDMA is recognized as DTS-HDMA by the AVR again and played back with audio dropouts.

    Only if you select "On" again, then Dolby TrueHD is played again. But all HD audio formats with audio dropouts.

    In my opinion, this is the same error as here.

    LE10/LE11 TrueHD + ATMOS audio drops

    [BUG]LE10/LE11 HBR Audio PT Audio issue with 4[email protected] with J4105 #6237

    I also have a Yamaha RX-A1080.

    There are no audio problems with the Vero 4K+ with OMSC.

    Also sending Kodi logs is not possible before a reboot, it always shows a copy error.

    After a restart, you can send the Kodi logs again.

    Log afer reboot

    Crash-Log bevor reboot

    What can be the reason for this?

  • By Nightlys e.g. (nightly-20230115-f4f7d8e)

    When playing a movie, if the Beebox-S was disconnected from the mains, then LibreElec must be restarted twice.

    However, the Kodi sounds are always audible and the AVR displays PCM 2-channel.

    The first time the AVR shows the audio status "Decoder off".

    Only always after the second restart the AVR receives the audio bitstream e.g. "DTS-HDMA".

    Audio dropouts are still audible at short intervals always in HD audio.

    The power on sequence is TV -> CEC -> AVR -> Beebox-S

    LibreElec Log

  • Have only I the problem with audio dropouts with HD audio formats?

    The same Beebos-S U7100, but with Windows 10 and Kodi Nexus 20 or Matrix 19.5 has no audio dropouts.

    Only LE11 still has the audio dropouts with HD audio formats.

    Have I set something wrong in LE11?

    Anyone have any ideas?