tvheadend - scans always fail

  • I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Fresh install, latest version on an old desktop machine. Tuner card is the hauppauge quadHD (North america version, ATSC).

    tvheadend sees the tuners, I enabled and set up a network with one of them for 'ATSC-T' (Is this correct? I have a choice between ATSC-T and ATSC-C) and nothing was found for the default muxes when I scan. Ok, I read that is expected as they can be out of date.

    I then ran w_scan and got a number of results, so I think my tuner card is recognized and functioning correctly (I have not installed any firmware/drivers/anything, only libreelec and tvheadend).

    I input the frequencies w_scan gave me as custom muxes in tvheadend and hit scan and every single one of them fails. I'm assuming this means I have something set up incorrectly in tvheadend but I have no idea what it could be, this is my first time trying to use and configure it.

    I know the hardware functions as I have this working flawlessly on kodi under windows.

    I've been searching for a few days but I can't find anything relevant to my issues. Do you guys have any advice?

  • I have absolutely no clue what I did differently but I reformatted and reinstalled libreelec and went through the whole tvheadend setup again and it works perfectly now. Must have been a setting somewhere that I accidently messed up, sorry to waste your time. Of course I get it working right after I make a post about it :(

    ??? Kodi doesn't support the h/w tuners, and TVHeadend doesn't support Windows.

    I said that in case someone suggested the tuner card itself was having a hardware issue, I didn't mean to suggest that I was running tvheadend on windows.