Beelink L55 Windows miniPC used as file server

  • Been a few years since I used LibreELEC, because all of my media players are based on Amlogic SoCs.

    Anyway, back to my story. I have been trying to find a good solution for a file server, tried Windows, Linux, NAS etc., none worked exactly as I wanted.

    My media is scattered all over my network in an assortment of storage devices. I needed a GOOD solution to aggregate all of the media and make that media accessible to all of my devices. This has been an on going challenge, and I have finally decided to find the best solution. Right now, I think LibreELEC is about as close as I can get.

    I am testing an older Beelink L55 as my file server, I tried Windows, Linux and now LibreELEC. Yes, I have 3 different NASs, but too expensive, and complicated for what I need.

    Windows was OK as a file server, but had to "mount" those drives when using Linux. What a pain to do.

    I tested Linux file server, and quite a big learning curve, and never was able to get it right, finally gave up.

    Now, I installed LE and this works great for my purposes as a file server. It does have some issues as a player. When testing UHD videos on an older 1080i TV, the video is horrible. Lots of video settings in LE, but not sure which ones to use. Anyway, I will NOT be using it as a HTPC it does not really matter.

    This is just an FYI.

    And thanks to all of the LE devs, that make this possible.