Setting up Wireguard using connman

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to setup Wiredguard using connman on my Raspberry Pi, which is running LE. I'm following this guide.

    My VPN provider has provided me with this .conf file which contains all the info for setting it up (I mocked up some data of course):

    PrivateKey = privatekey4305345345304583045=
    Address =,fc00:aaaa:xxxx:xxxx::x:xxxx/128
    DNS =
    PublicKey = publickey3405345fgeorvjeorjewomwop=
    AllowedIPs =,::0/0
    Endpoint =

    I have translated this data info a .config file looking like this:

    I have saved this file as myvpn.config in /storage/.config/wireguard/. However, after rebooting the RPi, I don't see a new service added:

    LibreELEC:~ # connmanctl services
    *AO Wired                ethernet_b827ebe5f984_cable

    Does anyone know why connman is not detecting my config file? Is something wrong with the way I filled it? Is there any command to manually load a config perhaps?


  • Make sure the filename has a .config extension or it won't be detected.

    Yep I've done that, that's not it.

    I had to create the folder /storage/.config/wireguard manually, could this be a sign of something not being right?