RPi4 new install, Audio output device greyed out

  • Hi,

    I wrote 'LibreELEC (RPi4)' using Imager to an sd card, boot up, pick an 'install from repo' video add-on, play something (CBC Sports - anything) and there's no sound.

    While playing the stream, Audio settings shows greyed out text: 'Audi stream Undetermined - AAc etc.'

    Then go to system/system and Audio shows greyed out text: Audio output device Default, Bluetooth Audio(PULSEAUDIO)

    Hope someone can help - and understand that 'RPi4 and audio' can be a problem. I'm no expert but can follow clear instructions!


  • Hi,

    Think it might be useful to consider the sound issue a LibreELEC/kodi/RPI 'bug'. For comparison, the software is great for leading you through the vpn setup process (including instructions https://github.com/Zomboided/s…ger/wiki/01.-Installation ). But for something as basic as sound output - it can't get any more fundamental to the OS purpose than video and sound output! - LibreELEC isn't reporting that there's a problem. Surely, the OS must 'know' there's no 'audio output device' available, and can pass that on to kodi when you try to stream a video. OK, I'm just speculating here. I don't know how the innards work, but 'no sound' out-of-the-box will be the end of LibreELEC involvement for many.


  • Not enough information -

    What hdmi jack on the rpi ?

    Version of Libreelec ?

    Your hardware - AVR, TV ?

    HDMI connectivity ? (re: rpi to avr to tv)

    Are there any GUI sounds or is your problem only related to these addons ?

  • Thanks for responding. Your questions:

    What hdmi jack on the rpi ? - either, no change whether it's 0 or 1

    Version of Libreelec ? - 10.0.2

    Your hardware - AVR, TV ? - LG 'smart' tv

    HDMI connectivity ? (re: rpi to avr to tv) - 'Official' RPi Micro to HDMI adapter cable, regular HDMI cable to tv (have tried 2x cables)

    Are there any GUI sounds or is your problem only related to these addons ? - there are no sounds, period

    New today, a 'Pulse-Eight Cec adapter' message appears on boot (just before vpn connection message). Pretty sure (but not 100%) that didn't happen yesterday. And so -

    Settings/System Audio no longer greyed out, shows: 'Audio output device PULSE: Default, Bluetooth Audio(PULSEAUDIO)'

    Put an mp4 file (a film) in 'videos' folder, but still no sound. While playing 'Audio settings' shows greyed out:

    'Audi stream English - AAc etc.'

    Happy to provide whatever info would help.


  • Yes. Also, I have connected a dvd player using the same hdmi cable to the same port on the tv and it works fine - picture and sound works when playing a disc.

    Also, swapped the sd card for a regular RPi Bullseye distro, played a film - picture and sound works fine - i.e. it can only be a LibreELEC / kodi config / settings issue.


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  • Thanks for your input blueribb. Is there anyone else on the forum who is able to respond to this? Hooking up a RPi 4 to a tv with a new install of 10.0.2 and there's not even GUI sounds and then swapping the sd card for a Bullseye OS - with no change to the cabling to the tv - and there is sound, ought to to be enough to show that the 'user fault' route has run out of road.

    All input very much appreciated.


  • Start by providing logs, our crystal balls are all still on repair.

    ssh in, run pastekodi and modetest | pastebinit and post the URLs you got.

    so long,


  • Thanks (re crystal balls, can I politely enquire if you've taken the 'how to communicate with new users' module?)

    You can pick that fight if you want to, but all it's likely to do is alienate the people best placed to help you. Your call.

  • The logs show you plugged in the HDMI cable to the wrong HDMI port (HDMI1 instead of HDMI0), please try the other one.

    so long,


  • Hi chewitt,

    Have to say I feel your response is unnecessary and disappointing. I replied to HiassofT's very mild crystal ball 'dig' with an equally mild reply. Why the need to jump in with a passive-aggressive 'pick that fight'? It feels like an overreaction.

    I would like to sort out whatever the problem is with sound output - do you have any thoughts on that?


  • Resolved - do a fresh install of LibreELEC (RPi4) using RPi Imager and all works fine. Whatever anyone has been doing with rebuilds (?) or whatever, thanks. The big clue was the greyed out KODI/Settings/Sytem/Audio message (see first post):

    Audio output device Default, Bluetooth Audio(PULSEAUDIO)

    With a fresh install of LibreELEC (RPi4), today, this has now changed to (and fixed the 'no sound' issue): ALSA:vc4-hdmi-1,MAI PCM i2s-hifi-0

    So, whoever makes changes in the background, many thanks. I guess the thing to learn on this forum is the need to actually read posts from 'beginner' RPi users. There was no need to go through the user fault, crystal ball nonsense - the clue was in the first post.