add (#)dtparam=audio=on to config.txt for Rpi4

  • Hi all, I had tried a reinstall yesterday with several LE versions and almost despaired at the missing audio because I did not realize that I first had to add dtparam=audio=on to Config.txt. This line was also not present to uncomment, so I assumed a defect for a few hours. After all, I've been using LE for a few PI generations, and audio has never had to be enabled like this - and how would I even know I had to enable it first?

    In case of problems I always look in the config, it would be great if you could add this line there in the PI4 versions. For the IR-GPIO pins it is also done, so why not for audio?

  • It was already discussed here in past. Unfortunately developers decided to remove this parameter from config.txt in recent LE builds and their argument was a bad quality of the audio output.

  • yes, I then searched through about 15-20 posts here to come up with the solution in the end.

    Not every device needs the best audio quality, and with the setup that I revised yesterday, the audio jack is perfectly sufficient.

    My concern is mainly to avoid such situations in the future by keeping this information in the config for us users.