[UNOFFICIAL][RK3228/RK3229]Libreelec 10.x builds

  • hi shkelqimselimi,

    often the android installed in these boxes reports false memory quantities. I can't tell you why, probably to sell as many items as possible.

    My build shows the real data, which most likely in your case is 1GB.

    Anyway try my build, it's a good android alternative for these boxes.

  • Hi all,

    new build available with:

    - linux 5.10.142

    - removed esp8089 wireless linux driver (not working)

    - added rtl8192f usb driver

    - better emcp support (thanks @Harleythetech for testing)

    - mesa3d 22.2.0

    - revised cpu/gpu clocks and voltage

    - new kernel config

    - small fixes

    This build contains some substantial changes that have been tested for over a month on my boards that I use on a daily basis, with no obvious problems. However the suggestion to try it on the SD card before updating is, for me, mandatory.

    I also rented a small server to publish my builds and save valuable space on my personal google drive.

    It has few resources but if I realize it is necessary, I could think of an upgrade.



  • Hi all,

    new build available with:

    - linux 5.10.146

    - fix regression in hardware deinterlace filter (missing driver in kernel config)

    - updated kodi & libreelec to latest upstream changes