Libreelec with KI PRO how to install TBS-5520SE Driver help needed

  • Hy everyone,

    I run libreelec with my KI Pro , but the integrated tv tuner is not enough to me because the tvheadend server use more clients in my household.

    I buy tbs-5520se dvb t2/s2 usb tuner, but my system not recognise.

    Someone has any advice, how can i install driver for it?

    Regards, K.

  • You can try dtech images which use LE 9.2 and might have more/better drivers included. I also have an experimental device-tree for the KI-pro in my LE11 images, although those images will not support the integrated tuner and I normally have the driver add-ons disabled to avoid breakage as I'm working on kernels that are ahead of LE master branch.

    NB: The general recommendation is to run tuners on a separate device (an old RPi should be fine) so you can run any OS/version that supports the drivers required. There is no single good solution normally due to the state of DVB support in all kernels.