LE 10.0.0 rpi4 Cannot add upnp or smb sources

  • I just installed LE 10.0.0 on my RPI4, I used to have a 9.xx version on it.

    When I try to add remote video sources (upnp or smb) from my ISP Box, it does not work.

    UPNP sources used to be automatically detected in 9.x but it is not in 10.0.0.

    Same for SMB (my internet box is also a NAS shared in both SMB/UPNP).

    Running VLC on my android TV, I'm able to navigate the UPNP source so I eliminated an issue on this side.

    Could you provide me with a check list to troubleshoot it or is this a known issue?


    Thanks a lot for your work.

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