Orange Pi 3 - irregular system freezing

  • I don't have an answer to that (yet).

    In fact, I customized your adjustments (made for LE11) for LE10.

    Never mind, now I've learned a bit about working with the diff utility.

    I will do some experiments and we will see which change is significant.

  • I made two new versions:

    V2 is without changing the CPU regulator voltage range and

    V3, on the other hand, contains only a change in the CPU regulator voltage range.

    First I tried V2. It ran for about half an hour and there was a system freeze.

    Then I used the V3 version. So far, it runs smoothly for about 2 hours. This looks promising, but we'll see in two or three days.

    Here is the contents of the V3 patch:

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  • After a few days of daily use, I can confirm the previous conclusions.

    There are no system freezes. Only occasionally Kodi crashes (LibreELEC lives during the crash - it responds to a ping) and this happens always and only during IPTV playback. First the image stops and after a few seconds Kodi restarts.

    The significant factor is definitely the CPU regulator voltage range and not the wifi power supply.

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    Ok, thanks for confirmation. I also tested latest nightly image on brand new OrangePi 3 board today. I get exactly the same issues with the fresh board, so boards most likely work as they should.

    I'll PR fixes to master and LE10 branch as temporary fix. I have yet to figure out what to do exactly for upstream Linux.