tv_grab_file addon // blocked SAT>IP receiver

  • Hi,

    since I finally got my RasPi 4b with LibreElec 9.2.7 and TVH 4.2 running I now want to finetune some things.

    First of all I am not happy with the current EPG. At movies I would like to see director and actors.

    I use Astra 19.2° for only german channels. So what I need is a good german EPG for those channels.

    From my research I found a lot of threads, where ppl are using "tv_grab_file".

    But somehow I can't find that addon in the LibreElec repositories. Where can I find that one?

    Also I am looking for a description of the standard OTA EPGs within TVH.

    Most of them I was able to cancel out by the names (e.g. "Italy", "New Zealand" etc..) or with google ("PSIP: ATSC" is north american).

    But what about "Ausat"?

    And "EIT: DVB" is german, right?

    What does "External: XMLTV" do exactly? Is it using the EPG enty, that I have within the "TVH 4.2 adddon setup" in Kodi?

    There (in Kodi -> Addons -> TVH4.2 -> Configuration) I entered a web link (easyepg-basic.gz), but that didn't seem to change anything for my EPG info in Kodi.

    My second problem is that Live TV with Kodi+TVH addon is not working as soon as I stream from another device (not using the TVH server).

    I only bounded 5 of my 8 receivers to TVH. The other 3 I want to have in reserve, e.g. for using DVBViewer on my Dektop PC.

    But as soon as I watch TV from anything else but the TVH server I can't get live TV with TVH addon working anymore.

    The screen just stays black and the stream is not starting.

    Its the same for both VLC player using m3u or VBV viewer using the SAT>IP device within "Hardware".

    (Sadly DVBViewer is not supporting TVH server as an input....)

    As soon as I am watching with either of them, then my TVH addons refuse to display streams.

    Any idea where that problem can come from?

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