Raspberry Pi 4. Kodi does not detect USB drive

  • Hi!

    I have a Rasp Pi4 with LibreElec and it does not detect my external powered 6TB WD drive. The drive spins so it does detect that it is connected to the Rasp Pi.

    Basically it is connected like this: Rasp Pi4, usb3 port => usb3 hub => slot 1 => 3.5inch WD external hdd

    It does detect a SSD if I plug it in with usb.

    Windows 10 detects the drive fine, ran chkdsk and so on and got no errors.

    The drive is formatted recently.

    Any idea where to begin to fix this?

  • Connect to your RPi 4B with SSH console and copy / paste these commands there:

    Then disconnect the HDD, connect it again, copy / paste these commands as well:

    dmesg | tail -n 50 >> /tmp/temp.txt
    paste /tmp/temp.txt

    Then share the HTTP link from paste here.

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