TVHeadend client forgets to update TV-guide

  • WIth the latest beta, watching TV on the separate TVHeadend works fine; but nevertheless the TV-guide does not get updated.

    After rebooting, the TV-guides seems to be fine, but a few days later the TV-guide is empty.

    What is wrong ?

  • What you need is long to explain and there may be many reasons that prevent the update of the EPG on the tvheadend server. Open the address of tvheadend in a browser and type http://<tvheadend-server-ip>:9981 and study the options that refer to EPG. Without disregarding other alternatives my suggestion is:

    - Use 'Internal Grabbers' exclusively and forget about 'OTA Grabbers' because they interfere with watching TV.

    - Enable 'Force initial EPG grab at start-up' for 'Internal Grabbers'.

    - My 'Cron multi-line' for 'Internal Grabbers' setting is "0 */6 * * *" and it causes the EPG to be updated every six hours.

    In summary, study a bit the operation of the tvheadend server.

  • you can also reset the epg data at the kodi settings, that could help

    but before you do that make sure the epg is correct at Tvheadend because Kodi is just using that data, if Tvh has problems you can't fix that at Kodi