view options in Kodi 19

  • In previous versions of Kodi the "View options" applied to the area you are in. I.E.: library, source etc.

    In L.E. 10/Kodi 19 the "View options" seem to be universal. If I change the view to "Wall"/"Watched" in the TV Shows view that also changes the source view and every other view. Thing is I am used to going to the Library and seeing only Unwatched then going to the Source and seeing All. The menu button displays different options. Minor thing.

    Is this intended behavior, some setting I can't find, known issue etc?

    Is this a "bug" that needs reporting?

    Kodi 19.0.0 Matrix

    RPi 4B 1gb/PC

    L.E. 9.95.1 (10.0 beta1)

    Windows 10 32bit

    Estuary skin