LDAC support

  • I was wondering if there is possible to enable support for LDAC audio, or not, is this planned to be implemented in the future. Thanks :)

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    LE is dependent upon upstream sources to write/merge code for that kind of thing. Pulse recently merged some initial LDAC support, but reading the merge requests on their GitLab instance this appears to be written entirely around gstreamer which we currently don't use or package - and wouldn't really want to add. So "support" for LDAC probably needs to percolate through the software ecosystem around pulse a bit more before we'd be able to do much about it - we have no current plans and it's not really on anyone's radar (AFAIK).

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    Thanks for answering. Is PipeWire something you've considered?

    I have pipewire already packaged as a replacement for our bluetooth audio stack but it likely won't hit LibreELEC for a while yet as there is some propblems running pipewire on arm platforms. It will be nice though as pipewire already supports sbc, aptx, and ldac :)