Slow boot

  • If only OE 5.0.8 or earlier happened to work correctly, and every other single version is not working correctly, perhaps your hardware has a problem with newer Linux kernels.

    What specific hardware is this all about? Talking about solutions without even knowing what hardware this is all about, is useless IMO.

  • Looks to me like hardware failure maybe as the delay comes from ata device failures

    1. Sep 14 09:06:49 ZOTAC kernel: ata2.00: cmd 61/40:40:48:9e:c7/05:00:00:00:00/40 tag 8 ncq 688128 out
    2. res 40/00:4c:08:99:c7/00:00:00:00:00/40 Emask 0x10 (ATA bus error)