Bluetooth sound output format: RTP payload type 1?

  • Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to Libreelec and Kodi. I'm setting up a RPi4 close to a celeing mounted projector, and would very much like to stream the audio via bluetooth or uPnP to an audio receiver.

    I'm going with bluetooth because it seemed easier and has support alredy built into Libreelec. In fact, it works with a common bluetooth portable loudspeaker.

    The thing is that I'd like to use my network streamer, which is another RPi4 running Raspberry OS lite, and set up to receive bluetooth streams and work them with blue-alsa.

    That also works, using a smartphone or a computer as source. And also used to work with Libreelec. But after some update which I wasn't able to trace back, now it doesn't.

    In the receiver, in status monitor of the bluealsa.service, I get this:

    so the service is expecting an a2dp stream, but apparently is getting a RTP type 1. I find that hard to believe, as the type 1, according to wikipedia, is a 8 kHz stream...

    I'm here to ask:

    - has anyone experience with this issue?

    - which audio format is Libreelec really using? exactly?

    Thank you very much

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  • Hi, thank you for your reply.
    I confirm that I'm using LE 9.2.6.

    LE 10 nightlies are not available yet, are they?

    I tried with the latest 9.8 update from the testing repository, and the issue had been fixed! (unfortunately that breaks compatibility with the Prime Video addon and a few others..). Oh well..

    thank you very much

  • You may have to look for beta addon version for Matrix that need to be installed manually.