Running Xorg on Raspberry Pi through Docker

  • Hello dead, hello all,

    I have created a github repository to contribute to dead's excellent work.
    I have reworked the code a bit, and managed to shave off 200 MB.
    Video is still stuttering, but at least chromium is running.


    There is some other stuff that can be removed:

    I'm not really sure but I think we should add the xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo package. (better performance?)
    I'm testing too the opengl driver.

    And when running the docker I think using:

    Can me it run smoother.

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    Hi dead!

    Look here:
    Raspberry Pi • View topic - Netflix on Pi 2

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    Plenty of ideas for improvement!

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    I have worked on this a bit.

    To determine if playing Netflix was at all possible, I tried the method of the Raspberry Pi forum posted in the previous post on the latest version of Raspbian
    Netflix does not play with the libwidevine shared libraries used in the Dockerfile.
    Moreover, Big Buck Bunny playback is even choppier than with the current docker image.

    I therefore propose the following:
    1. create a docker image for chromium (without widevine) for distribution, in docker hub;
    2. find out a method to play Netflix on Raspbian (without hardware acceleration results will likely be very disappointing);
    3. try to implement in docker

    As for step 1, I will update my repo as soon as I have the time

  • Widevine doesn't work because the chromium wasn't build with it enabled. We can try compile and enable it. I was thinking about add the flash pepper module too. But I think soon both flash and widevine will come together in the raspbian package, so I'm not really sure if it worth the effort.

  • Testing it on RPI3 . Let's see how it works. Please publish it on docker hub.
    1 great success. Chromium ran at the first attempt starting from the Dead's zip file. Bunny video is choppy and I cannot control it in anyway. Neither with mouse and keyboard connected.

    Looking in the gitrepo created by awiouy.

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  • Thanks a lot. Chromium looks great and is running pretty good. That is what I've looking for a long time. But has anybody an idea how to get a keyboard working?

  • hi,

    nobody answered to sukanime, I'm a newbie like him

    what is Docker ?

    How can I install the browser in LibreElec @ raspberry 3 ? I have the latest version of libreelec

    thanks in advance

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    If I remember correctly, I did not get to enable the keyboard, because I found a browser in LE rather pointless, especially without Netflix.

    I think I used VNC to control the browser.

    Docker is software that enables to easily build and run an environment.