LE 9.80 Nightly 20210126 - flickering / blank screen issue - H.265 streams 1280x720 and 1440x1080 on RPi 4B

  • It looks that support for Stereoscopic 3D mode was added (a 'glasses' symbol in Kodi Player) but it makes trouble with some Live TV channels on my RPi 4B.

    The issue was observed with one Live TV H.265 channel at 1280x720 px Video stream, 1.78 AR, 50.000 FPS which is flickering (never seen that before).

    The same issue is also with H.265 1440x1080 px stream (The Display resolution is 1920x1080)

    When I tried to play with 'glases' or 'wheel / Video' settings, the only change I could make was to achieve a black screen with audio. It was not possible to disable the 3D mode so the channel is not viewable.

    Other channels (with H.265 streams 1920x1080, 960x544) are working fine.

    Edit - it looks I have turned on the Stereoscopic 3D mode when I tried to stop flickering and it's not easy to get away the 'glasses' from the bar... :)

    Nevertheless, so far I could not fix that annoying issue...

    Edit 2 - When the issue happens (currently a black screen), one CPU is running at 100%. At random intervals, this 100% load moves to some other CPU, at that switch moment a picture snapshot is displayed for a moment and audio is interrupted for a moment.

    I have also tried to record the stream and open recording afterwards - the same issue...

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  • As today no fresh Nightly build was released, I reverted back to LE 9.80 20210125 which works fine again.