Hanging during boot after changing WIFI password

  • I made a change to my WIFI password and needed two update RPi4 LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2.6. I wrote down the password wrong, (upper / lower case, do it really make that big of a difference?) Well apparently it does, because I couldn't get reconnected to my wifi.

    The issue started because there was no way to edit the password once I typed it in wrong. Whenever I tried to "edit", the only options I had were "Connect" and "Refresh", no option to edit or disconnect or anything. Getting frustrated, I decided to reboot the pi and see if it would come back up and give me an option to edit. Now the pi just hangs. I put the SD into my laptop, found where the password is set, corrected the typo, but still, it hangs. How can I get past the splash screen so I can correct the settings?



    Please ignore this thread. I figured it out. Notice how that always happens? You can't see the issue until AFTER you post, then its like "DUH".

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