Thumbs and info don't update after clicking Update Library

  • Running 9.2.6 on an RiP 3.

    In previous versions, when I clicked on Update Library, the green light on the Pi would flash for a while and the thumbs and media info would update on new videos added to my Library.

    But ever since 9.2.6, the updater stopped working. I have to reboot LibreElec. After a reboot, then the new videos are detected and updated.

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  • Last night I discovered by accident that if I remove my external drive and then plug it back in, then the Library will update.

    So it's like an "update flag" is stuck somewhere in later builds of LE.

  • Am I the only one who's having this problem?

    I cleared the Library. No change. I still have to reboot to force the Library to update.