Argon One M.2 how to install LE to m.2 drive?

  • Hello,

    I'm sorry maybe for stupid question, but google did not helped much... how to install LE to M.2 drive with Argon One case and rpi4? There is no option during boot or in LE config later on to move system to another drive.

    Is there a documented way?

    Thanks a lot

  • so... does look like I needed to connect m.2 drive to the computer (which is tricky without right cables) and flash LE onto it directly. without SD card in RPI4 it worked from SSD, resized partition to 250GB and working correctly.


  • I didn't have the appropriate adapter to connect the M.2 SSD drive to my PC so I put Raspberry Pi OS on a SD card and booted the RPi4 from that. Then I SSH'd into the RPi OS, did the necessary firmware updates and then used dd to copy the downloaded Libreelec image over to the SSD. Once I pulled out the SD card it booted from the SSD no problem.