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    I didn't have the appropriate adapter to connect the M.2 SSD drive to my PC so I put Raspberry Pi OS on a SD card and booted the RPi4 from that. Then I SSH'd into the RPi OS, did the necessary firmware updates and then used dd to copy the downloaded Libreelec image over to the SSD. Once I pulled out the SD card it booted from the SSD no problem.

    Sorry if this is actually already posted somewhere but I was unable to find anything about it. I installed LibreELEC 9.80 nightly 20201225 for use with a Raspberry Pi 400 and a BenQ PD2700Q monitor. LibreELEC booted up using a 1920✕1080 resolution even though the monitor's native resolution is 2560✕1440. I chose to leave it because it will probably perform better, and it looks quite all right.

    There is, however, one little snag: the display is rolled over to the right with the right-most pixel or two showing on the left side of the screen instead. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    A workaround is to use screen calibration to modify the size of the screen slightly.

    Go to Settings > System > Display > Video calibration... and use the cursor keys on your keyboard or remote to set the overscan compensation for both top-left and bottom right to (1,1). Unfortunately you have to set the screen size separately for each refresh rate you use (23.98, 50, 60 etc.) I only ever watch 23.98 and 50fps so I just set it for those and leave the rest. To do that, change the refresh rate (Display > Refresh rate) and then go back into Screen Calibration.


    I am currently hosting my library on a separate server running MariaDB. When I do a 'show databases;' command I get the following:


    | Database |


    | MyMusic81 |

    | MyMusic82 |

    | MyVideos119 |


    Clearly I have two databases for music, do I need both of those? Should I back up both of those databases? Could I delete MyMusic81?

    TIA, H.