Entering long complex Wi-Fi passwords: Network Error Operation Timeout

  • I've just installed a fresh LibreELEC onto an SD card for the Pi.

    I only have a wi-fi connection available, no wired ethernet.

    During setup it asks me to enter the Wi-Fi password. It is long and with special characters.

    After entering the password correctly, I receive the toast notification error: "Network error: Operation timeout".

    I skipped the step and tried again through Settings -> Connections -> Selecting the appropriate wi-fi connection.

    It is not possible to manually enter the password any faster than attempted, in order to avoid the above error.

    AFAIK, the password cannot be copied and pasted from anywhere within the UI.

    I cannot change the wi-fi password.

    What are the solutions available?

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    Its a limitation of the underlaying connection manager, it doesn't support "special security" ultra long passwords.

    This is also unlikely to change because it is no security benefit using such passwords.

  • It's a bit older thread and I have not tested if it's still valid but you may try:

    RE: Can I add WiFi config to SD card pre-install? (headless setup)

    If you can't change the wi-fi password at all (at least temporarily), you may also finish the setup with some another / temporary wi-fi AP, perhaps using mobile hotspot at your phone. Then maybe connect through SSH and try steps outlined here (but it's even older thread):

    enter wifi password by SSH

    I can confirm an issue with special characters that can't be used also for 'tethered' Wireless Access Point names.

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  • This is also unlikely to change because it is no security benefit using such passwords.

    Surely, you mean no security benefit specifically to the limitations within LibreELEC?

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    The length of a passphrase string determines its ability to resist brute forcing. Once you've gone much beyond 16 chars the amount of compute time needed to guess the passphrase is so insanely huge that there's not much point in having a longer one. It's also largely irrelevant because attackers rarely brute-force, they focus on finding flaws in the crypto implementation; which is how WEP, WPA and WPA2 are normally beaten.

    Anyway.. if you cannot change it, access via SSH and (from memory):


    agent on

    scan wifi


    connect <identifier of service>

    copy/paste the string when prompted

  • Anyway.. if you cannot change it, access via SSH and (from memory):

    What is interesting is how to SSH to the Pi if I can't connect to the Wi-Fi in the first place, via the UI or the unsuccessful SD card approach.

    As mentioned, an ethernet connection is not possible and the Wi-Fi password cannot be changed.

  • In case you refuse all offered solutions, you should perhaps select another platform instead (RPi OS + Kodi)?

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    LE does not support pre-boot configuration of wireless details, it's not a requirement for our userbase (the other 99.999999% of it) so your options are to connect via Ethernet (direct cable between two devices with 169.x.x.x addresses is fine, it doesn't need to be a proper network) or use Raspberry Pi OS via NOOBS which can support pre-boot WiFI configuration.