How to use Nevra anybeam hat on raspberry pi 3B with Libreelec

  • Hi, I'm some days checking about it and I was not able to solve it :(

    Base on the instructions provide by developer of Nebra AnyBeam HAT, I have follow the next steps on config.txt

    Fill the following comments into the next line of No.53 line (# Additional
    overlays and parameters are documented / boot / overlays / README) in
    the “config.txt “as shown in the following figure

    PDF document with the instructions:

    AnyBeam/Nebra AnyBeam HAT User Guide.pdf at master · NebraLtd/AnyBeam · GitHub

    This works perfectly with Raspbian and Retropie but not with libreelec.

    I have Libreelec 9.0.2

    Does anybody knows why and what I should do?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks for your help. I try again mode 2 and does not change anything.
    In Retropie I have it with mode 1 and is working.

  • Try output_format=5 or output_format=6 for RGB666,

    or output_format=2, output_format=3, output_format=4 for RGB565,

    or output_format=7 for RGB888,

    Read this GPIO pin table to find the right value. One of those values should be merged into the dpi_output_format value.

    Have you already tried display mode 1 (RGB888)?

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  • I've never seen this device before, so I just guess it's a color space issue. Provide a log file to see what happens under the hood.

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  • Thanks a lot, I'm checking all the information and as soon as I have the logs I will put them. I wrote also to the developer to know where could be the issue and if they have any solution.