Is dual HDMI output possible for rpi4?

  • My tv is 4K but my av receiver is not. So I want HDMI 0 to go to my TV and HDMI 1 to go to my av receiver for sound, it doesnt even need video on second HDMI.

    I found comment by popcormix from over a year ago say its possible on hardware level. I wonder if now maybe it is possible?

    RE: LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 ALPHA1 with Raspberry Pi 4B Support

  • Other people had the same (good) idea on this forum. The answer is still no. LE / Kodi development is miles away to do such things. Use an HDMI audio extractor instead.

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  • I am in a similar situation.

    If you have toslink output on your TV.

    Connect the HDMI to your 4K TV.

    Toslink output to AV receiver.

    Turn the volume control on the TV to 0.

    Select toslink on your AV receiver.

  • Yeah that is what I have actually done.

    The only thing for me is I that play audiobooks at night to fall asleep too. I can play them with tv off and sound still comes out speakers when going directly to receiver. But with this work around when you turn off the tv the sounds stops getting passed through. So I setup a second a spare rpi2 I had plug that in to receiver and control with "Yatse" remote app on phone, not tv/monitor needed.