Netflix addon and login with Authentication key - Raspberry

  • Hi everyone,

    I have an issue with the netflix addon from CastagnaIT

    GitHub - CastagnaIT/ InputStream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

    Since few days, this addon got a error with the classical username/password.

    The author of this addon gave this solution (use Authentification Key)

    Login with Authentication key · CastagnaIT/ Wiki · GitHub

    For Linux [click to expand]

    PREREQUISITE: Chrome or Chromium browser installed

    INSTRUCTIONS: Download the zip, extract the folder and open this folder with the Terminal/Console. Then run the following commands.

    Install these python packages:

    pip install pycryptodomex
    pip install websocket-client

    After run the script:


    Follow the instructions on screen, after you have created the file, you have to open it with Netflix add-on by choosing the login with "Authentication key". Remember to delete the Authentication key file after login.


    As I have no acces to a browser or console,do you have a method to install this patch ?

    Thanks for your help :angel:

  • I'm having the same problems here. pip install doesn't work. Did you find a workaround or a way to authenticate?

  • I got pip3 to install using apt. I got websocket to install using pip but when i run the python file either way, it insists neither module is present.

    This is crap.

  • I managed to get this to work, by downloading the NFA KEY zip files on windows PC. Did the extraction, executed the application . It loaded Chrome browser which auto nivigated to netflix page, to which i put in my username and password. Chrome closed, and key was generated in same folder as application. It popped up with a PIN.

    It failed a couple of time, but the application finally managed to generate the key.

    Used windows explorer to browse to folders on Libreelec. After checking samba was activated on Libreelec settings.

    COpied key to a folder.

    Started netflix... used key option, then browse to where i saved key.
    selected file and was prompted for the PIN...

    Only question i have... will this affect other user in my house?

    Since now my Pi3 is using the key method, will users having other media boxes with Netflix preinstalled no also be forced to use this key method?