LE 9.2.4 HD audio not playing

  • I have problem with playing HD audio (DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD) while passthrough is enabled. Receiver shows stereo signal is coming in and I have no sound.

    This is happening on both NUC 8i3BEK and NUC 7i3BNK (8i3BEK runs on BIOS 0085 and HDMI-FW-1.77.03). They are connected over HDMI with Marantz SR-7015 receiver. As I turn of passthrough audio is working, but only as PCM. I tried the same LE build from the same installation media on 2 other different devices (both are Intel notebooks) and all was working well. Strange thing is if I connect these two NUCs to Marantz SR-7009 HD audio works flawlessly.

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