"Notes" like add-on for Kodi?

  • I am fairly new to using LibreELEC. I am developing a mobile media player using a Banana Pi M64 single-board computer to replace an Apple iPod Touch. Deciding if I should just have Debian 9 with Kodi Media Center installed or use LibreELEC as the main OS. Looking for something like the "Notes" app included in Apple iOS. Looked at the official repository but did not find anything but an add-on for Evernote integration. Just a text editor could work.

    24 x86/AMD64 based devices and 10+ ARM based devices

  • Kodi itself has been a HTPC solution first and foremost. Applications like text editors have never really come into the picture. So with LibreELEC, a most minimal shell for Kodi, such "office-like" extensions haven never been considered.

    Recently Docker support has been implement so more flexibility in apps is possible, but an actual text editor within Kodi itself has yet to be developed. Using a full-blown OS with its usual perks would make much more sense there.

  • Using Android 7.0 for better support with the board and display I am using. Kodi is available from the F-Droid default repository so that should be good.

    24 x86/AMD64 based devices and 10+ ARM based devices