Xbox 360 wireless controller dpad double input

  • As mentioned in other places already, the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller registers double button presses for each dpad input, making menu navigation impossible.

    I just switched over from a Windows + Kodi setup, but this makes LibreELEC unusable and not applicable for my use case.

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  • Can confirm. I was one of the people who posted in the above mentioned threads.

    I've just upgraded from a Milhouse build to LibreELEC 7.0.0 and the problem is back again. Same as before, Kodi can be seen registering a "Hat" and this is why each button press is registered twice. Kodi on Ubuntu registers 0 hats for the exact same controller and works fine.

    23:12:07 T:139790187358272 NOTICE: Enabled Joystick: Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
    23:12:07 T:139790187358272 NOTICE: Details: Total Axis: 6 Total Hats: 1 Total Buttons: 15

    Switched to Milhouse build #0515 and the controller is working fine again.

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  • Won't be fixed, kodi 17 has a totally new input system and the changes are to big to be back ported, so you'll have to use devel builds or just make due for now.